Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring is finally here. I rode in Boulder on Monday and it was awesome! It felt so good to get out on the bike.
As I was heading towards Left-Hand Canyon I saw a huge guy in what appeared to be "mogul pants" (pants with large knee markers that mogul skiers wear when they compete). As I got closer I realized that they were mogul pants, but not any old ones. They were the Canadian National Team pants from 2003, my last year on World Cup! Their current owner was in no condition to answer my questions, I traded him a PowerBar for his photo and was on my way.
The things you see in the city...

Tuesday AM and it was off to Squaw Valley, CA for the US National Freestyle Skiing Championships. We headed into Reno,
For some all you can eat sushi. It was really good.
We checked out some casinos and realized that my Friend Barry's description was accurate: Vegas with a cold sore. We headed up to Squaw to check in. I went out for a nordic ski. It was slushy but after eating my body weight in raw fish, it felt good to move.

They it was a quick trip to the liquor store and dinner. In CA wine is practically free. I got a really good $3 bottle of Shiraz.
Can't stay mad at the Spring!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Marie Claire and New Website

So my stuff is in the new issue of MC, p54, check it out while you are waiting to get waxed. I also have a new website and it is awesome. Check it out:

My friend Big Mark hooked it up. If you need any graphic design work done, don't be a sucker, hit him up.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Idiom Bags

I'm drawing a blank here. What are those things that everyone has to carry their stuff, while actually paying to endorse certain companies? ... Not wigwams, what are they called? Bags. Right. bags. So I make bags and as you can see they are totally rad. Would you like to be rad? Not sure if you are rad or not and just want to be on the safe side? Well buy a bag from me stupid! As an added bonus, if you buy one now I will promise to think good thoughts about you for 19 seconds upon reciving your money. Yes, I swear I'll dedicate nearly one-third of a minute to thinking "Man, (your name here), is cool. I hope everything in his/her life goes well because he/she really derserves it. Sincerely, all the best wishes to him/her." On top of that you can tell everyone that you and I are friends and I gave you the bag for free. If they don't believe you and wonder why I never call to hang out with you, tell them we are facebook friends and to STFU already.

In addition to these bags, I can paint any image or text in any of my other art albums. See Below...

Hit me up 303.579.8407

I also paint the inside flap...

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